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Day 1: GOALS

Morning (15 mins)
Write down three major goals that excite you (one for money, one for organization, and one for family). Remember, think big!

Questions to Ask Yourself:
  - What would success in these areas look like?
  - How would achieving these goals improve your life?

QUICK WIN: Select one small, positive action you can take towards one of these goals today.

- Lefkoe Activity: Identify a limiting belief related to your goals (e.g., "I can't succeed because I'm not organized"). Write it down and deconstruct it.

Afternoon (15 mins)
Create a belief statement for each goal. For example, "I believe I can create wealth by starting a successful side business."
QUICK WIN Recite these belief statements aloud with confidence.


Morning (15 mins)
Identify common excuses you make for not pursuing your goals (e.g., "I don't have enough time," "I'm not organized enough").

Questions to Ask Yourself:
  - How can I overcome these excuses?
  - What actions can I take to eliminate these barriers?


QUICK WIN: Choose one excuse and implement a counteraction immediately.

Lefkoe Activity: Deconstruct the limiting belief tied to your excuse (e.g., "I don't have enough time").

Afternoon (15 mins)
Write down specific actions to counteract each excuse (e.g., setting a timer for focused work, using a planner).

QUICK WIN Complete one action from your list.

Day 3: FEAR

Morning (15 mins)
List situations that cause you fear or anxiety related to your goals (e.g., fear of failure, fear of judgment).

Questions to Ask Yourself:
  - What steps can I take to confront these fars?
  - How can I reframe these situations positively?

QUICK WIN Identify one fear and take a small action to confront it today.

Lefkoe Activity: Deconstruct a fear-related belief (e.g., "If I fail, people will think less of me").

Afternoon (15 mins)
Practice "action cures fear" by taking one small step towards a goal despite the fear (e.g., making a call, starting a project).

QUICK WIN Celebrate taking this step, no matter how small.


Day 4: DREAM

Morning (15 mins)
Engage in a brainstorming session to come up with creative ideas for wealth creation and organization.

Questions to Ask Yourself:
  - What innovative solutions can I implement?
  - How can I think outside the box to achieve my goals?


QUICK WIN Pick one creative idea that excites you and outline the first step.

Lefkoe Activity: Deconstruct a limiting belief about your creativity (e.g., "I'm not creative enough").

Afternoon (15 mins)
Choose one creative idea and outline a plan to bring it to life.

QUICK WIN Take the first step in executing this plan.

Day 5: You Are What You Think You Are

Morning (15 mins)
Reflect on your self-image and how it aligns with your goals. Write down the qualities of the person you want to become (e.g., wealthy, organized, great husband and dad).

Questions to Ask Yourself:
  - How do I see myself now?
  - What changes do I need to make to align my self-image with my goals?

QUICK WIN Write a positive self-description that aligns with your goals and read it aloud.

Afternoon (15 mins)
Create affirmations that reinforce your new self-image (e.g., "I am organized and efficient," "I am a loving and supportive husband and dad").

QUICK WIN Recite these affirmations daily.

Lefkoe Activity: Deconstruct a limiting belief about your self-image (e.g., "I'm not disciplined enough").


Morning (15 mins)
Identify aspects of your environment that support or hinder your goals (e.g., cluttered workspace, negative influences).

Questions to Ask Yourself:
  - What environmental changes can I make to support my goals?
  - How can I surround myself with positivity and support?

QUICK WIN Make a small change to your environment that can have a big impact, such as organizing your desk or removing distractions.

Lefkoe Activity: Deconstruct a limiting belief about your environment (e.g., "I can't work in a clutter-free space").

Afternoon (15 mins)
Make one significant change to your environment to make it more conducive to your goals (e.g., decluttering your workspace, joining a supportive community).

QUICK WIN Enjoy the improved environment and how it feels.


Morning (15 mins)
Reflect on your attitudes towards your goals. Are they positive and empowering or negative and limiting?

Questions to Ask Yourself:
  - How can I cultivate a more positive attitude towards my goals?
  - What negative attitudes do I need to change?

QUICK WIN Identify one negative attitude and consciously practice the opposite positive attitude for the day.


Afternoon (15 mins)
Practice a positive attitude by approaching a task with enthusiasm and optimism.

QUICK WIN Notice the difference in your performance and mood when you maintain a positive attitude.

Lefkoe Activity: Deconstruct any limiting beliefs about your attitudes (e.g., "I can't stay positive in stressful situations").



Use a Timer: Set a timer for each 15-minute session to stay focused.

Minimize Distractions: Find a quiet place or use noise-canceling headphones.

Accountability Partner: Share your plan with someone you trust and ask them to check in with you.

Celebrate Wins: Acknowledge and celebrate your quick wins to stay motivated.

Daily Reflection: Spend a few minutes each evening reflecting on your progress, identifying any negative self-talk, and planning how to counter it the next day.


Goals and Achievements:
   - What were the three major goals you set at the beginning of the week?
   - Which of these goals did you make the most progress towards?
   - What specific achievements or milestones did you reach?

Challenges and Obstacles:

   - What were the biggest challenges or obstacles you encountered during the week?
   - How did you address or overcome these challenges?
   - Were there any tasks or activities you found particularly difficult to complete? Why?

Time Management:
   - How well did you manage your 30-minute sessions each day?
   - Did you find it easy or difficult to carve out time for the tasks and activities?
   - What adjustments, if any, did you make to your schedule to fit in the plan?

Effectiveness of Quick Wins:
   - Which quick wins had the most positive impact on your motivation and progress?
   - Were there any quick wins that you found less effective or satisfying?
   - How did the quick wins influence your overall experience?

Addressing Negative Self-Talk:
   - What limiting beliefs or negative self-talk did you identify during the week?
   - How successful were you in deconstructing and replacing these beliefs using the Lefkoe Method?
   - What new, empowering beliefs did you adopt?

Environmental and Attitudinal Changes:
   - What changes did you make to your environment to support your goals?
   - How did these changes affect your productivity and mindset?
   - What shifts in attitude did you notice, and how did they impact your actions and outcomes?

Personal Insights and Discoveries:
   - What new insights or discoveries did you gain about yourself and your capabilities?
   - How has your self-image evolved over the week?
   - What surprised you the most about your progress or experience?


Feedback and Suggestions:
   - What aspects of the plan did you find most helpful and why?
   - Were there any components of the plan that you think need improvement or adjustment?
   - Do you have any suggestions for additional activities or focus areas for the next plan?

Future Goals and Focus Areas:
   - Based on your experiences, what are your new or refined goals for the next period?
   - Are there any specific areas you want to focus on more intensively (e.g., wealth creation, organization, family relationships)?
   - What new habits or routines would you like to establish going forward?

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