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Paul Tait is a lifestyle photographer based in London  

Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 14.12_edited.png

I am a people photographer making images for advertising (that's me on the left)

And I've got a new concept for you (it's to do with the images on the right)

Now let me get straight to the point, I know what you people of the creative industries are like. Always putting pitches together, making moodboards, trying to get your client or boss to buy in to your brilliant creative concept. And I get it, populating your masterpieces with the right photography is a pain. It’s tricky and annoying scrolling through websites and rightclicking or trawling then screenshotting insta.

Well, worry not, good old me is here to help. I have a folder containing three thousand of my images, free for you to use for exactly this purpose. Perfectly sized at 2000px on the long edge. No watermarks. No cliches. Just oodles and oodles of tasty photography.


You dont need to credit me, I ask nothing of you. Just enjoy my jpegs 🫶

Untitled (1920 × 1920px) (1080 × 1080px).gif


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